Kitchen Cleaning


Show your kitchen the care it deserves with our range of HASSAP and SANS approved Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals.

Choosing the right kitchen cleaning products is very important. You need to make sure your products are adhering to the HASSAP, SABS and SANS standards. The reason for this is because you cannot use the same products that you use for your outdoor and/or general areas, these products have much harsher chemical compounds that are not food safe.

Kitchen cleaners as well as kitchen cleaning equipment and consumables should ONLY be used in the kitchen to ensure there is no contamination from other areas in your workplace, where you do not prepare your food and drink. Using the correct chemicals such as dishwashing liquids, surface disinfectant and oven cleaners will ensure safety and reduce health risks in food preparation areas.

Colour coding is very important in hygiene, so that you and your staff know what consumables and equipment are to be used in which areas. Below are the universal colour-coding standards:

  • Green – Kitchen Cleaning
  • Blue – General Cleaning
  • Red – Bathroom Cleaning
  • Yellow – Disinfecting/Sanitising

You do not want to cross contaminate areas in your workspace ie: using the cloths or mops used in your bathrooms to clean your kitchen, this will run a high risk of infecting personnel with pathogens (harmful bacteria), this will cause absenteeism to rise and your workforce productivity will drop.

We are a leading supplier of kitchen cleaning products in South Africa.


At Dreymar, we provide top quality kitchen cleaning equipment and consumables as well as HASSAP and SANS approved kitchen cleaning chemicals to ensure the safety of your workforce. Our products range from surface disinfectants such as SanChlor HF, as well as approved dishwashing liquids such as Super Green NF.

Our main service areas include (but are not limited to):

Gauteng (All Areas), Western Cape (All Areas), Kwazulu-Natal (All Areas), Nelspruit, Limpopo, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg, East London, Port Elizabeth.

Our sales team is on hand to help you find the the right deep cleaning solution for your business.

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