Bulk Filers



Gain at least 50% extra floor space with our Bulk Filing systems.

Effectively utilizing the space in your facility or office area is a huge factor that influences productivity and ultimately, profitability. Dreymar Industrial can help you achieve these aims through our bulk filing systems.

Removing the need for access aisles between each row of shelving means that at least 50% of your floor space can be used when bulk filers arwe correctly installed. The number of items stored in each area can be maximized, freeing up valuable floor space.

What are Bulk Filers?

To put it simply, Bulk Filing is a way to store more in less space. 

We are all familiar with traditional static shelving—but the challenge with static storage is that it takes up a fixed amount of space. The number of items being stored in your workspace or storage areas tend to keep growing, while the square footage of the building stays constant.

If you do not have the money to expand your space to accommodate these items, the chances are that the space will become overcrowded and unorganized. This leads to a whole other set of issues—decreased productivity, low morale, safety hazards for employees, and ultimately, a negative effect on your bottom line.

Bulk filing systems solve these challenges. By mounting shelving units onto a carriage and rail system, bulk filers eliminate the fixed aisles required with traditional static shelving. It is a simple concept that enables you to significantly increase your storage capacity or store the same number of items in half the footprint. 

Bulk Filing takes the basic design of a stationery shelving unit and puts it on a base and tracks. This allows each bay of shelving to be arranged in a compact closed position and then moved open as required. This movable concept makes bulk filers incredibly space efficient and is especially useful for file storage. This means that only one of the aisles between the shelving units are eliminated and the bays are moved to access the required aisle.

This system optimizes the available space, guaranteeing that archived material is kept in order, clean & safe. This is a compact storage system: Storage space can be doubled, or the amount of space required reduced.

How do Bulk Filers work?

Bulk filers operate as a high-density storage system. It is an ideal solution when floor space is at a premium. It reduces the need for fixed aisles yet retains full accessibility to all stored products, documents, or files.

This is made possible by condensing shelving units together and creating a movable access aisle. The bulk filing unit is mounted on bases, which move along tracks fitted to the floor. These mobile bases can be adapted to suit any type of system including long-span, small parts, and document shelving.

What are the Benefits of Bulk Filers?

Our range of bulk filing systems offer a variety of benefits:

  • Maximise Floorspace
  • High-Density Solution
  • Variety of Finish Options
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Make use of Vertical Height
  • Wide Range of Internal Component Combinations
  • Internal Components can be Easily Adjusted


  • The range of available accessories enable articles to be perfectly classified, archived, and stored.


  • All units feature anti-tilt mechanisms and are levelled and installed by specialist installers.


  • Access is restricted to authorised personnel.


  • All bulk filers are designed to withstand good weight loads and regular use.


  • Floor space is reduced, and material is easily classified.


  • Accessories, adjustable shelf levels and a variety of sizes means that our bulk filers can be adapted to suit all types of requirements.


  • Because there are no aisles, bulk filing units form a closed block, which reduces the amount of dust that enters the system.


  • Bulk Filers can blend in any working environment, whether industrial or corporate, and has a range of different decorative cladding options available.

Floor Tracking:

  • On some types of floors, we can insert our tracks directly onto the existing floor. Generally, we will build a small platform that the units will be installed on.

Ease of Access:

  • Bulk filers are an excellent way to utilise all your floor space when you have items that need to be accessed regularly.

Minimum Effort:

  • The design of the wheel or the handle ensures ergonomic, strain free shelf movement.

Easy to Assemble:

  • Installation by specialist teams does not require much down time, allowing you to get back to business quickly and effectively.

Increase Floor Space:

  • The biggest benefit of bulk filers are that the system allows you to drastically increase floor space.

Where are Bulk Filers commonly used?

Bulk filers are ideal for the storage of all types of books and documents, making it a perfect system for office, libraries, publishing houses, technical archives, and even for industries and warehouses.

It can also be used to store other types of small articles, such as pharmaceutical products or spare parts. Our bulk filing systems adapt perfectly to the available space and to the characteristics of the product being stored.

  • Legal Storage
  • Archive Storage
  • Workshop Storage
  • Engineering Stores
  • Retail Stock Rooms
  • Spare Parts Storage
  • Component Storage
  • Loose Goods Storage
  • Small Parts Warehouse
  • Hanging Garment Storage
  • Financial & Accounting Storage

What are the standard sizes of your Bulk Filing Units?

  • The standard height of a bulk filing unit 2300mm.
  • The standard width of each bay is 914mm or 1100mm.
  • The lengths of the system range from 2m up to 14m or longer.
  • Custom sizes are manufactured on request

What if Bulk Filing is not the right solution for me?

We pride ourselves on having one the widest ranges of shelving systems available in South Africa.

Our other shelving systems which may be more suitable to your needs include:

What areas do you deliver and install Bulk Filers in?

We deliver and install our bulk filers throughout South Africa.

Our main service areas include (but are not limited to):

Gauteng (All Areas), Western Cape (All Areas), Kwazulu-Natal (All Areas), Nelspruit, Limpopo, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg, East London, Port Elizabeth.

We will be delighted to assist you.

Please contact our sales team for further assistance.