Warehouse Design

Warehouse Layout and Design directly affects the profitability and efficiency of all businesses.

Whether you’re designing your floor space around manufacturing, assembly or transport logistics, a sound warehouse layout will help you minimize costs and maximize productivity. 

A fully optimized warehouse will improve the flow of traffic, reduce stock loss and damage, as well as boost overall efficiency. A win-win situation right?

Warehouse design is an essential element within the field of logistics management. Warehouses and Distribution Centres are a major expense for any business. Inefficiency in design can lead to poor service levels and drastically inflated operating costs.

The key is to design the flow of Inventory, Materials Handling Equipment and People to suit the products and volumes that will be moving through the warehouse.

The better the warehouse caters for this, the smoother all of the processes inside of it will be - Ultimately turning your business into a well oiled machine.


Space planning isn’t always easy and involves business decisions based on careful analysis of current operations and planned growth.

We’ll help you assess your current space and determine whether you’ll need to upsize, downsize or simply make better use of the space you’re in at the moment. Whatever space you require, our team will help you reach optimal productivity, efficiency, and most importantly help you achieve your goals. 

At Dreymar Industrial we understand that when it comes to Storage and Materials Handling, space is money.

In order to achieve optimal space efficiency, Racking Systems need to be laid out in a way that makes the absolute best possible use of floor and vertical space. Our design team will use the latest technology to plan a warehouse that will maximize the amount of product you can store in any given space whilst allowing for adequate flow through the warehouse. Through smart warehouse layout and design we aim to create high performing warehouses that meet the demands of both existing operations and future expansion plans.


Custom Designed Warehouse Solutions

Part of what sets Dreymar Industrial apart is the fact that we understand that each and every single business and warehouse is unique.  We customize our design process to each individual client, ensuring that our systems are built and supplied with the intention of helping our clients achieve their long-term goals. 

We’ll work closely with you through the entire process. From the initial stages of consultation, design and budgeting through to planning, supply and installation. We'll help you determine which type of racking is the best fit for your operation and we'll bring that system to life in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. We work with a variety of storage & materials handling equipment manufacturers, meaning we can provide you with a truly unbiased opinion on the absolute best solution for your business.

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