Lift Tables

350kg Lift Table - 1.3m

500kg Lift Table - 1.5m

1000kg Lift Table - 1.7m

Lift Tables

Lift Tables are the ideal lifting solution: rugged, heavy-duty machines designed to provide years of reliable service with minimum downtime.

A scissor lift table is a worktable that can be raised and lowered to the desired height, making it simple and easy to work with heavy items whilst reducing the need for many repeated and manual lifts.

Lift Tables are a safe and reliable solution that last for many years.

What is a Lift Table?

A lift table is a flat platform that can be raised or lowered to any height desired within its range of vertical movement. It uses a straight-line upwards motion.

Lift Tables are often used in warehouses, production lines, construction sites, or any other location where lifting goods or people is necessary.

The table can be adjusted to perform under almost any working circumstances, whether your task requires the lifting table to work with assembly, welding or handling parts and components.

How does a Lift Table Work?

The most common industrial lift is the hydraulic scissor lift table. It may seem like a complicated piece of equipment, but hydraulic lift tables simple and straightforward in both design and function.

Lift Tables consist of a few basic components:

1)      The base frame supports the rest of the lift table. It needs to be strong, rigid, and stable. ‚ÄčIn most cases it is designed to be placed on the floor. It can also be built into a pit or supplied on castors if a mobile solution is needed.

2)      The scissors of a lift table provide the straight and steady vertical motion while supporting the platform.

3)      The platform is the actual flat “top” that gets lifted and can be of any size that is compatible with the lift tables base frame and scissor legs.

It is important to note that some lift tables use a hydraulic system and others use a motorized system to drive the movement of the table.

What are the Benefits of a Lift Table?

In many different industrial sectors, there is often a need for workers to lift and position stock, goods and various other items in a warehouse or factory setting.

If workers are asked to accomplish this without the aid of sufficient equipment, it will most likely lead to low productivity, morale, injuries, and nasty accidents.

Lift tables are the ideal lifting solution for several reasons:


Lift tables can be used for a wide number of applications in an even wider range of industries.


Lift Tables are rugged, durable pieces of equipment but are often a more affordable investment than forklifts and other motorized pieces of equipment.


Mobile lift tables are available, allowing them to be used

Low Maintenance:

Lift tables are rugged, heavy-duty machines designed to provide years of reliable service with minimum maintenance.

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