About Us

At Dreymar Industrial, we offer a wide range of Storage, Access, Hygiene, PPE and Materials Handling Solutions for any size business.

Our range of products and solutions caters for companies looking for a simple Shelving or Light Duty Racking solution, to organisations requiring a complex Racking System or Mezzanine Floor installation to optimize a given area. Our Castor, Wheel and Trolley ranges will get you moving in no time at all, whilst our Ladder, Lifting and Scaffolding solutions will ensure your access needs are always taken care of.

Our solutions aim to:

  • Simplify your storage requirements
  • Optimize your warehouse space
  • Reduce stock damage
  • Improve stock flow efficiency
  • Improve product rotation & management

Why Purchase from Dreymar Industrial?

  1. A wide range of high quality products at affordable prices
  2. Easy, Safe & Secure shopping for your home, office, business, factory and warehouse
  3. Our team is on hand to provide expert assistance and solutions every step of the way
  4. Purchase Out the Box or Custom Designed solutions. We have the capacity to assist no mater how big or small your project is.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants are on hand to assist you through every step of the journey.

Please contact us for further assistance.