Steel Shelving



Our range of steel shelving is the tried and tested option.

Steel Shelving is the ideal solution for warehouses, stockrooms, garages, offices, warehouses, and workshops.

With simple design and easy assembly, our range of steel shelving units are an affordable and reliable shelving solution.

If you are looking for steel shelving for your business, this is the range that is built to stand the test of time.

Our range of Steel Shelving Units are available Galvanized or Powder Coated, and can be adapted to suit most storage needs, in almost any available space.

The modular design means you can add another shelf or another shelving unit simply and easily.

What is Steel Shelving?

Steel Shelving is one of the most popular storage systems available today.

This shelving is a simple yet effective storage solution for light to medium weight loads and can be reconfigured and moved around very easily. You will find steel shelving solutions in most warehouses, offices, garages, and backrooms across the world.

As its name suggests, the shelving structure is manufactured from hot formed steel and each shelf level is comprised of a solid steel shelf which attaches to steel uprights using bolts and nuts.

Steel shelves are used to store a wide variety of small items and can be adjusted easily as your needs change.

Steel Shelving is an ideal solution for small, hand loaded products. The system comprises uprights and shelves, which are fully adjustable to suit products of different heights and weights.

Steel Shelving has a few different names in the market and is also commonly known as:

  • Angle Shelving
  • Metal Shelving
  • Bolted Shelving
  • Industrial Shelving
  • Bolted Steel Shelving
  • Bolt and Nut Shelving
  • Slotted Angle Shelving
  • Angle Upright Shelving

What are the Benefits of Steel Shelving?

There are many good reasons why Steel Shelving is one of the most popular storage solutions available on the market today:

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable Shelf Pitch
  • Sold Steel Shelf Levels
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Helps Maximise the Cube
  • Increased Product Visibility
  • Available with Open Back & Sides or Fully Clad
  • Can be Used in a Variety of Applications and Environments
  • Each shelf level can support a Maximum Load of 120kg-160kg
  • All Steel Shelving Units are 100% Freestanding (Our Steel Shelving Units do not need to be attached to a wall or to each other)

Easy Storage:

  • Steel Shelving is straight forward and easy to use.
  • It is best suited to hand loaded boxes, files, products, products with split turnover and smaller products in a variety of quantities.

Space Saving:

  • Steel Shelving is a relatively small structure.
  • No materials handling equipment is required for its operation which allows the shelves to be installed with narrow walkways between them.
  • Steel Shelving units can be positioned back-to-back, which creates a vast amount of storage space within a limited area.

Simple and Adjustable:

  • Steel shelving is quick and easy to install, and the shelf pitch is completely adjustable.
  • This adjustability allows for increased flexibility, meaning it is scalable to your operation and increasing overall efficiency.

High Quality Industrial Steel Shelving:

  • Where a robust and flexible shelving solution is required in environments such as warehouses, manufacturing centres, factories and distribution centres, our industrial steel shelving units can withstand the toughest of environments.

What are the disadvantages of Steel Shelving?

  • Unfortunately, because steel shelving is such a popular storage solution, there are many different profiles, each with their own unique pitch. In other words, not all steel shelving systems are interchangeable.

Who uses Steel Shelving?

Steel Shelving is a durable storage solution for a variety of environments including warehouses and distribution centres.

The system is highly customizable to your storage and material handling needs with options for small parts storage all the way through to multi-level shelf-supported mezzanine floors and everything in between.

What are the standard sizes of Steel Shelving?

At Dreymar Industrial, we supply steel shelving in the following sizes:

  • Width: 914mm
  • Levels: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Max Load: 120-160kg per shelf level
  • Depth: 305mm, 381mm, 457mm, 610mm
  • Height: 1829mm, 2134mm, 2438mm, 2743mm, 3048mm
  • Finish: Galvanized or Powder Coated Light Grey

What if Steel Shelving is not the right solution for me?

We pride ourselves on having one the widest ranges of shelving systems available in South Africa.

Our other shelving systems include:

What areas do you deliver and install your Steel Shelving systems in?

Our steel shelving systems are proudly manufactured in Johannesburg.

We deliver and install steel shelving solutions to optimize storage spaces throughout South Africa.

Our main service areas include (but are not limited to):

Gauteng (All Areas), Western Cape (All Areas), Kwazulu-Natal (All Areas), Nelspruit, Limpopo, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg, East London, Port Elizabeth.

We will be delighted to assist you.

Please contact our sales team for further assistance.