Warehouse stackers are a specialized piece of equipment used for lifting and moving pallets around a warehouse.

Stackers are ideal for most warehouse applications, where workers use them to lift products onto racks for storage, or into vehicles for transit.

What is a Stacker?

A pallet stacker uses both motors and hydraulics to improve product distribution by allowing its users to lift, handle, and transport palletised materials with ease. Stackers combine the functionality of a conventional pallet jack with the utility of a motorised lifting truck.

Stackers are a light duty and cost-effective alternative to forklifts. They allow you to easily lift pallets and move them around your warehouse. Forklifts often get all the attention, but they are simply not an option for every business. You may not have the space required for a forklift, or its lifting power could be overkill for your business.

Stackers can be manual or electrically powered and have a variety of different capacities and specifications.

How does a Stacker Work?

A stacker has a set of adjustable forks that can be placed underneath a pallet.

The forks are then raised to lift the pallet by means of either a manual hydraulic mechanism or an electric motor. The operator will then push or pull the unit around a warehouse, and use it to load palletised loads onto racking systems or into vehicles.

The body of a stacker is constructed from heavy duty steel and is fitted with heavy duty castor wheels to ensure ease of movement.

What are the Benefits of a Stacker?

Stackers greatly improve the efficiencies within a warehouse and save drastically on both overhead and maintenance costs associated with forklifts.

Because stackers have a wide range of applications, they also provide a wide range of benefits across many industries:

Easy to Use: 

Pallet stackers are designed to be simple to use. Forklifts and other mechanical items will require specialist skills and training to operate. Stackers are simple and straightforward; users can be trained in one session by an experienced user.

Flexible and Effective: 

Stackers are agile by design and are used in a variety of commercial and industrial environments. Stackers can handle many different size loads - This means that pallet stackers are effectively future-proof and an investment in one can see it providing benefits for years to come.


One of the most cost-effective warehouse items, pallet stackers sit at the halfway point between a pallet jack and a forklift. At this price point, they are an affordable option to add to your logistics supply chain. Stackers work to drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain and are much less expensive than purchasing more intensive machinery.


Our range of stackers are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Ongoing checks are simple, and parts are often cheap or easy to access and replace. This is especially effective when considering forklift trucks that require regular steady maintenance and enjoy a shorter shelf-life than pallet stackers.

Initial Cost: 

Pallet Stackers merge cost effectiveness and convenience, there is still an initial outlay for them. Finding the right model for your specific needs is essential and – while it is standard practice to carry out due diligence on your business – researching the right stacker requires a little graft. This can be time-consuming and requires you to check and adjust your established working practice – Our sales team is on hand to assist you through every step of the journey to ensure you purchase the right stacker for your business environment and unique needs.

At Dreymar Industrial, our dedicated and experienced team will take the time to understand your goals and asses your unique needs.

We aim to supply materials handling and lifting solutions that will stand the test of time.

Please contact our sales team for further assistance.