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Agri Bins

The Agri Bin is a reliable, sustainable and profitable plastic alternative to the wooden bins which are usually used for Bulk Storage in a wide range of industries.

What are the features of the Agri Bin?

  • Low cost
  • Clean, non-porous surfaces
  • Can be stacked up to eight units high
  • One-piece moulding eliminates maintenance
  • Compatible with most bin handling equipment
  • Eliminates HACCP problems associated with wood
  • Smooth interior surfaces reduce waste and downgrades
  • Superior inbuilt ventilation reduces cooling time and saves energy
  • Positive interlocking foot design for quicker, safer handling and stacking
  • Weighs 45% less than wooden bins for quicker, safer handling and stacking

What are the Technical Specifications of the Agri Bin?

  • Optional Lid
  • Two hand holds for easy lifting
  • Two label holds for easy identification
  • Foot design: positive interlocking with two feet
  • Variation: Vented or Solid / Full Height or Shallow
  • Manufactured through high pressure injection moulding
  • Fork lift entry: 126mm opening with patented slide entry
  • Fully recyclable, UV-stabilised, impact-modified polypropylene
  • Ventilation: 804 air vents with 8mm openings and rounded inside surfaces
  • Stacking: 4700kg on level ground in cold storage; 3800kg on ground level below 35C for up to one month and 3400 kg on ground level in temperatures more than 35C for more than a month.


  • Capacity: 803L
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Stack: 8 High
  • Type: Vented
  • Size: 1276mm W x 1076mm D x 748mm H