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Very Narrow Aisle Racking could be the answer if you need to increase pallet storage but cannot move to a new premises.

Maximise the number of pallets you can fit in your premises by using VNA Racking to fully utilize available height and floor space.

By condensing Standard Pallet Racking into a smaller area, you’ll gain a high-density storage system, allowing you to store more pallets without the need to increase floor space.

We’ll design a system that makes the most of your space, ensuring pallet access and productivity remain at optimum levels. All pallets are stored on beams, making them clearly visible to forklift operators to minimize handling time.

What is VNA Racking?

As the name suggests, VNA Racking is a standard Pallet Racking System with very narrow aisles.

Very narrow aisle racking (VNA) is the name given to systems where racks are installed in a configuration that puts each row as close together as possible, while still providing easy access to every pallet.

The aisles between each row of racks are designed to be as small as possible, meaning maximum floor surface is available for racks to be placed, to allow for a highly dense pallet storage system.

Narrow aisle racking is a highly space efficient. It enables businesses to achieve increased storage capacity within a warehouse and is the perfect choice for areas where floor space is limited, while enabling efficient access to every pallet for picking, processing or retrieval.

Forklift Trucks can operate in an aisle up half the width of a standard aisle required in a conventional racking layout. Narrow Aisle Racking makes excellent use of floor space and maximizes the height at which goods can be stacked.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking offers a cost-effective solution but must be combined with the required specialist handling equipment to bring the system to life.

Standard and Wide Aisle Pallet Racking Systems can easily be converted into a VNA system.

What are the benefits of Very Narrow Aisle Racking?

VNA Racking is designed to make the most of the cubic space available within the warehouse (both height & floor space). Making full use of the height within a warehouse whilst reducing the width of the aisles greatly improves storage capacity, whilst maintaining 100% full pallet selectivity.

  • All Pallets Accessible
  • Good Space Utilization
  • High Throughput Speeds
  • Aisle Width: 1.6m - 2.3m
  • FIFO Principle (First In, First Out)
  • Good Stock Rotation Capabilities
  • Specialist Forklift Trucks Required
  • 100% Accessibility to every pallet stored
  • Maximize usable floor area and roof height
  • Reduce standard aisle widths by up to 50%
  • Damage rate reduction as narrow aisle trucks are often guided by wire or rail

This system is a suitable solution in many environments where the need to increase storage capacity is necessary, but floor space is limited. Very Narrow Aisle Racking exploits all available space within your facility by making excellent use of both floor area and height.

How does VNA Racking Work?

By allowing forklift trucks to operate in aisles up to half the width required in conventional pallet racking, VNA racking systems ensure that more floor space can be used for racking and storage.

Dreymar Industrial’s Narrow Aisle Racking also maximizes the height at which goods can be stacked.

This combination of full height and tightly placed rows makes excellent use of the available floor space within a facility.

Narrow aisle racking works well on a good quality smooth warehouse floor that can withstand heavy traffic.

What are the features of VNA Racking?

Narrow aisle racking is smartly designed with features that enable space to be used as efficiently as possible.

The system allows high levels of storage density by placing pallet racks close together. Systems can be configured to make full use of available height, further extending the storage density that can be achieved from the available floor space.

Narrow aisle racking is precision designed for safe, efficient load handling within the tight confines of highly space-efficient aisles, while guidance rails or wires fitted at floor level ensure precise positioning of trucks. This has the multiple benefit of improving safety, whilst minimizing the incidence of accidental damage to racking.

With pallets stored in a dense configuration, narrow aisle racking enables picking and packing tasks to be carried out quickly and efficiently, as all pallets are available for immediate access.

Using specialist equipment, including in some cases automated systems, narrow aisle racking can provide increased efficiency in accessing and moving pallets, or in picking individual items from storage.

At Dreymar Industrial, our dedicated and experienced team will take the time to understand your goals and asses your needs. We aim to design and develop a bespoke racking system that is as unique as your business.

We aim to maximise your available space and increase productivity through creating innovative storage solutions. Our commitment to excellence provides our customers with confidence in our ability to deliver solutions that are superior and within budgetary constraints.

We aim to install our VNA racking systems with as little inconvenience to our clients as possible, using highly experienced, full-time installation teams.

We deliver and install very narrow aisle racking systems throughout South Africa.

Our main service areas include (but are not limited to): Gauteng (All Areas), Western Cape (All Areas), Kwazulu-Natal (All Areas), Nelspruit, Limpopo, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg, East London, Port Elizabeth.

Please contact our sales team for further assistance.

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