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Mobile Pallet Racking Systems from Dreymar Industrial:

Mobile Racking is a unique system which allows 100% direct access to all pallet positions as and when required whilst using 90% of available floor space.

What is Mobile Racking?

Putting conventional pallet racking on a motorised mobile base will give you what is known as a mobile pallet racking. This syetm ensures any wasted 'dead' space is fully utilised, allowing a greater storage capacity within a warehouse.

Mobile Racking is configured using Standard Pallet Racking mounted on top of mobile bases which sit on tracks mounted to the floor. This allows the entire racking structure to be moved.

The bank of mobile units remains closed and tightly compact until the racks are moved, protecting stock from both light and dust. Mobile Racking renders fixed aisles useless and eliminates the need for aisles. This creates an incredibly high-density storage solution in a given facility.

How does Mobile Racking work?

This is a motorised system where a hidden motor in the base moves the units. The operator simply pushes a button or remote control to move the mobile storage racks. Because the banks of mobile racking remain tightly closed when not in use, moving the units to create temporary access aisles could not be easier.

The wheels on each unit are mounted onto rails on the floor which allow the units to move easily and safely, whilst preventing damage to the supporting floor.

Once the required stock has been retrieved the aisles can be closed again and locked for safety.

What are the benefits of Mobile Racking?

Mobile Pallet Racking Systems feature a wide range of benfits; including the Excellent Use of Space, Energy Efficiency, Optional Stock Rotation & Safety.

  • Single Operating Aisle
  • Individual Pallet Access
  • No Fixed Aisles Required
  • Open Aisles with a Push of a Button
  • Restricted Access Increases Security
  • Maximise Existing Warehouse Space
  • Adaptable to any Size or Weight of product
  • Increase Storage Capacity by as much as 80%
  • Drastically increases usable floor-space and storage capacity
  • Use up to 40% less space than conventional Adjustable Pallet Racking
  • All systems are custom designed to suit your specific application and environment
  • Energy Efficient – Allows significant savings to be realised in Lightling, Cooling, Ventilation & Materials Handling Costs

Excellent Use Of Space

No space is wasted with a mobile racking system. By eliminating fixed aisles, mobile racking offers an opportunity to drastically increase storage capacity with the same footprint area. How much storage you gain from mobile racking will depend on the amount of floor and height space you have in your warehouse however, when compared to a standard wide aisle pallet racking system the difference is significant. 

Energy Efficient

Mobile racking is highly compact which bring the added benefit of reduced energy consumption costs in cold store environments. The ability to condense your stock, storing it within a reduced sized area means less energy is required. 

Optional Automatic Stock Rotation

If stock rotation is a priority for your business, mobile racking works on the First-in First-out (FIFO) method which effortlessly rotates stock automatically, however it can also work on the First-in Last-out (FILO) method making it suitable for those simply looking to maximise storage capacity.

Safe & Secure

When the units are closed and not in use they can be locked, which provides increased security, making mobile racking ideal for storing valuable or confidential items

Ideal for Freezer & Cold Store Warehousing

The energy cost of running a freezer or cold storage warehouse can be substantial. Mobile racking provides densely compact racking, which helps lower energy costs by using less space. It is also able to withstand freezing temperatures.

Maximise Floor Space

Usually, just one operating aisle is needed to give you access to the picking face. The other racks close together in a mobile racking system, enabling you to use up to 90% of your floor space for pallet racking, while still having 100% access to your products.

Reduce Damage

MHE (Materials Handling Equipment) hardly ever enters a mobile racking system, so the risk of damage is greatly reduced.

Who Uses Mobile Racking?

Mobile Racking is suitable to any working environment looking to maximise storage with limited space. Commonly used in Cold Stores and the Food & Beverage Sector.

Mobile Pallet Racking benefits cold stores greatly as the system offers high dense storage and can operate safely in low freezing temperatures. This system has the durability for use at very cold and even freezing temperatures making it a great option for temperature-controlled environments.

Mobile racking is an ideal solution for any warehouse looking to increase storage capacity for low turnover inventory in a limited space and is suitable for both perishable and non-perishable goods. 

What other types of Racking does Dreymar supply?

We pride ourselves on offering one of the largest ranges of racking in South Africa.

At Dreymar Industrial, we supply the following racking systems:

What areas do you deliver and install Mobile Racking in?

We deliver and install Mobile Racking systems throughout South Africa.

Our main service areas include (but are not limited to):

Gauteng (All Areas), Western Cape (All Areas), Kwazulu-Natal (All Areas), Nelspruit, Limpopo, Bloemfontein, Rustenburg, East London, Port Elizabeth.

At Dreymar Industrial, we aim to design mobile racking solutions that are as unique as your business.

Please contact our sales team for further assistance.

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